Sunao Onuma
Bunka Fashion Graduate University
Bunka Fashion Graduate University, founded in 2006, will celebrate its tenth anniversary in April, 2016. Since the founding of BFGU, fashion has established and developed a form of intellectual property creation as business. Also BFGU has grown into a professional graduate school that educates and trains talented students capable of making systems to evaluate design values internationally.
One of the courses in the Division of Fashion Creation at the Graduate School of Fashion Business is the Fashion Design Course. Students in the graduating class (second year) must present the concept and philosophy of their research and submit more than 15 fully coordinated works of art. Students need to take an exam and present their portfolio to earn credits to graduate.
We will choose pieces of the graduating class’s design work to produce a Visual Book. Their original designs feature functionality based on human engineering, and at the same time reflect the personalities of their creators. We are confident our students’ activities in their future will meet the limitless expectations of society.
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Sanae Kosugi
Dean, Graduate School of Fashion Business
The Fashion Design Course is consistently putting forward students’ strongly individual and creative designs. For the first-year required Basic Research/Creation project, students need to design over 10 fully coordinated artworks full of originality without any trend influences. To complete this project, the students naturally experience “challenges, experiments and failures.” We believe that failures will lead to success. That is why we encourage students to try what they want without worrying about mistakes.
Therefore, at the end of their first year, students will picture their future by researching and questioning themselves on: What is their goal? What is everlasting beauty? What is the self? What should the self do? What is their future dream?
Using their first-year research “results”, and adding their originality and individuality to consider business requirements, the second-year students will prepare their work to get a Master Degree of Fashion Creation (Professional). The Visual Book is one of the stages of this work.
We look forward to their confidence and pride in taking one step forward to make their dreams come true and establishing their firm personal brand.
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The Ninth Graduates Alumni
Fashion Design Course, Division of Fashion Creation
Graduate School of Fashion Business
Bunka Fashion Graduate University
Each student in the Fashion Design Course, Division of Fashion Creation, selects their own theme to study intently. The original designs are from the viewpoint of creating new fashion.
The Visual Book was first compiled to let a large number of people see our collections. Our Visual Book is the ninth volume.
All collections on this website reflect each student’s unique senses of creativity earned in his/her last 2 years’ studies as a post-graduate student. As a platform to dispatch our work internationally, we hope this website will reach many people worldwide and help us build a new future relationship in the global fashion industry, We hope we will continue to create new styles and be active in the global fashion market.
Finally we would like to express our greatest appreciation to Bunka Gakuen and to those who have given us warm and kind support to materialize this website.
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