Katsuhiro Hamada

Bunka Fashion Graduate University

Bunka Fashion Graduate University, founded in 2006, will proudly celebrate its fourteenth anniversary graduation in March of 2021. Since the founding of BFGU, the rapidly evolving fashion industry has established and developed a new level of mastery and proficiency in the intellectual property business. During this same period, BFGU has become one of the most renowned institutions of postgraduate studies in the fashion industry. It is also noted for the growing number of talented and motivated students capable of infusing innovative design values on the international level.

One of BFGU most recognized programs is the Fashion Design Course. Second year graduate students are challenged to present concept as well as philosophy in an in-depth research of more than 13 fully coordinated works of art. Intensive examinations and portfolio presentation are mandatory to earn credits toward graduation.

Only select number of highest standards of quality will be featured in BFGU’s Visual Book. Their original designs feature functionality based on human engineering, and at the same time reflect the personalities of their creators. We are proud and continue to be confident that graduates’ contributions to the fashion industry and their futures will meet the limitless expectations of society for decades to come.

Shinichi Kushigemachi

Dean, Graduate School of Fashion Business

The Fashion Design Course is honored and privileged to play an integral role in fostering a core of young innovative and passionate designers. Our expectations are high for students. What first year students are required is intensive research and a demanding schedule for project creation. More than ten fully coordinated artworks stressing originality and void of trend influences are essential parts of the curriculum. We encourage students to experience “challenges, experiments and failure. ” BFGU truly believes that failures ultimately lead to their success.

By the end of the first year, students are pushed to their limits researching and questioning themselves: What does it mean to be a fashion designer? How can I contribute to the fashion industry? What is my goal? What is everlasting beauty? Where do I see myself long term in the fashion world?

Using their first year research “results”, the requirements are only enhanced for second year students. Originality and personal traits must now be viewed from a business perspective. Second year students will prepare their work to get a Master Degree of Fashion Creation (Professional). The Visual Book is one of the stages of this work.

BFGU takes great pride in taking a leading role in the fashion industry in developing young aspiring fashion designers’ confidence and pride within themselves. BFGU is helping students take one step forward in making their dreams in fashion come true, ultimately if it is their passion and desire, to establish their own personal brand.

The 14th Year Class Alumni

Fashion Design Course, Division of Fashion Creation
Graduate School of Fashion Business
Bunka Fashion Graduate University

In the year 2020, Bunka Fashion Graduate University students have met with a lot of challenges. There are also many changes in the environment surrounding our life. We have challenged ourselves not only as a student, but also as a designer. Through these challenges, we have found it necessary to learn more to express our visions and feelings as a fashion designer.

In the Fashion Creation Fashion Design Course, each student has learned and developed his or her own creativity and the techniques responding to changing times and environment over the past two years. We believe that “BFGU MAGAZINE 14” shows the power that clothing can create; clothing can create beauty in any day and age. At the same time, it clearly indicates each student can be a competent fashion creator adapting to the changing social needs. We are happy to send out this magazine to the world. We have produced it with the hope that as many people as possible will see our creation and get inspired from our works.

We would like to thank everyone from teachers, faculty, staff including those at Bunka Gakuen and Bunka Publishing Bureau for their dedication, efforts and support for creating this website.