Shinichi Kushigemachi

Bunka Fashion Graduate University

The Fashion Design Course is honored and privileged to play an integral role in fostering a core of young innovative and passionate designers. Our expectations are high for students. What first year students are required is intensive research and a demanding schedule for project creation. More than ten fully coordinated artworks stressing originality and void of trend influences are essential parts of the curriculum. We encourage students to experience “challenges, experiments and failure. ” BFGU truly believes that failures ultimately lead to their success.

By the end of the first year, students are pushed to their limits researching and questioning themselves: What does it mean to be a fashion designer? How can I contribute to the fashion industry? What is my goal? What is everlasting beauty? Where do I see myself long term in the fashion world?

Using their first year research “results”, the requirements are only enhanced for second year students. Originality and personal traits must now be viewed from a business perspective. Second year students will prepare their work to get a Master Degree of Fashion Creation (Professional). The Visual Book is one of the stages of this work.

BFGU takes great pride in taking a leading role in the fashion industry in developing young aspiring fashion designers’ confidence and pride within themselves. BFGU is helping students take one step forward in making their dreams in fashion come true, ultimately if it is their passion and desire, to establish their own personal brand.

The 16th Year Class Alumni

Fashion Design Course, Division of Fashion Creation
Graduate School of Fashion Business
Bunka Fashion Graduate University

The modern world we live in is changing significantly every day, especially in the last two or three years, because COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we live. It is very difficult to learn through online courses, but at the same time, we feel challenged and see this situation as an opportunity to move to the next level.

In the midst of a two-year study life full of new experiences that we had never experienced before, we have always had hope in our hearts, constantly searching for answers and blazing the path to our dreams. In this era where many elements are mixed, we have been thinking about how to strike a balance between the "ideal" of pursuing to show our individuality on one hand and the "reality" of considering whether it can be marketable on the other hand when creating. Through daily study we also deeply realize that grasping the balance between these two is also very important when working as a designer in the future.

Through BFGU MAGAZINE16, we show the world the last of our creativity from our student days. We incorporate what we feel every day and a variety of ideas into our work, and we are proud to present it to the world. I believe that when we look back at our current work in the future, we can still feel our passion for fashion design at this stage, and this will be something that will support us in the future.

We would like to thank everyone; teachers, faculty, and staff including those at Bunka Gakuen and Bunka Publishing Bureau, for their dedication, efforts and support for this BFGU MAGAZINE 16.

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